Make Your Own War Game

Build your own strategy card game

Customize your own hex map

At Asymmetric Games, we strive to publish timely simulations of current or potential conflicts. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to model every conflict, or modify existing games to reflect changing events on the ground. To that end, we have published a game editor. Users can now build their own strategy games using our game engine. Here is what you can do with the editor:

1) Upload your own bitmaps to use as background map images
2) Quickly create custom hex maps
3) Set victory point objectives for each side
4) Set starting resource levels
5) Build custom card decks for the human and computer player
6) Modify the cost and effect of human and computer cards

This engine should give you the flexibility to model most conflicts.

If you are looking for good public domain map images, try Wikipedia. NASA’s Visible Earth site is also quite good.