The Race for Tunis – Allies

Keep Tunisia out of Axis hands

This game simulates the Allied effort to capture Tunisia before Germany and Italy can ship in reinforcements from Europe, dig in and link up with Axis forces retreating from El Alamein. British and American forces have landed in Morocco and Algeria. Tunisia was too close to Axis air bases in Sicily, so the Allies decided it was too risky to land forces in Tunisia. At the time of the Operation Torch landings, Tunisia was controlled by Vichy France, and there were no Axis forces in the French colony. Consequently, both sides need to get as many forces to Tunisia, as quickly as possible. You play the Allies, and you must prevent Axis forces from reaching the Libyan border and linking up with the Afrika Korp. The Vichy French government of Tunisia has joined the Allies, so Tunisia is nominally under your control. However, Vichy forces cannot stop the Germans from landing troops by sea and air. The Axis and the Allies are both invading Tunisia. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus