June 1940: France Fights On

France does not surrender to Germany in WWII

This game is a simulation of an alternative history scenario in which France does not surrender to Germany in the summer of 1940. The game assumes that the French government goes into exile early in June 1940, and resolves to fight on alongside the British. This version also assumes the French get a bit of help from the weather, and overcast skies keep the Luftwaffe grounded for a few days in early-June. This pause in bombing delays the collapse of France’s Weygand line, and allows the French 10th army to withdraw to the Breton Peninsula and dig in. French forces in the South of France also regroup and continue to fight. You play the Allies, and you must find a way to hold onto the Breton Peninsula until the end of 1941, or 18 months. By 1942, world events should start to favor the allies (Russia and Germany could go to war. Maybe America gets into the fight). If you can find a way to capture Paris before 1942, you will win the game. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus