Operation Crusader

Lift the siege of Tobruk!

This game simulates the British offensive to relieve the Siege of Tobruk in November of 1941. German and Italian forces pushed Commonwealth forces all the way to the Egyptian border as part of the Axis Operation Sonnenblume offensive. However, British forces held onto Tobruk, the only major port in Eastern Libya. To invade Egypt, capture the Suez Canal, and potentially force the British out of WWII, the Axis need to capture Tobruk. To that end, the Afrika Korp has laid siege to Tobruk, and Allied forces have held out for 241 days. The Allies plan to launch a major offensive from western Egypt to break through Axis lines around Tobruk and lift the siege. You play the Allies, and you must drive Axis forces from Eastern Libya before Tobruk falls to the Axis. As of November, 27th 1941, it is not clear if the US will enter the war, or if the Soviet Union will survive a German invasion. Keeping Tobruk could be the difference between victory and defeat for the British. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus