The Race for Tunis – Axis

Drive through Tunisia and link up with the Afrika Korp

This game simulates the Axis effort to capture Tunisia before the Allies invade from Morocco and Algeria. At the time of the Operation Torch landings, Tunisia was controlled by Vichy France, and there were no Axis forces in the French colony. Consequently, both sides need to get as many troops to Tunisia, as quickly as possible. You play the Axis, and you must link up with German and Italian forces retreating from El Alamein. If you cannot reach the Libyan border, the Afrika Korp will be trapped in North Africa and overrun by the British. The Vichy French government of Tunisia has joined the Allies, so Tunisia is nominally under your opponent’s control. You have air superiority for now, and Italian supply convoys can still slip past the Royal Navy. However, Allied armies are approaching Tunisia from the East and the West, so time is not on your side. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus