Battle of Gazala

Rommel’s greatest victory

This game simulates the Battle of Gazala, in which Axis forces attack a well-entrenched British army in Eastern Libya. If the Axis can capture the Suez Canal, they can split the British Empire in half, and could force the British out of the war. To continue their offensive into Egypt and capture the Suez Canal, the Germans need to capture a port close to the front lines. The port of Tobruk, currently occupied by the British, is the only port between Benghazi and Alexandria that can support Rommel’s invasion of Egypt. If the Axis cannot take Tobruk now, they probably never will. The Americans have entered the Second World War, and shiploads of US tanks and troops are heading for North Africa. You play the Axis, and you must capture the Port of Tobruk, and push Allied forces back into Egypt. The Battle of Gazala is widely considered to be General Erwin Rommel’s most impressive victory. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus

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