Burma 1944

Keep China in the Second World War

The Burma front in 1944 is one of the more interesting episodes of WWII, because the war in Burma was all about logistics. The Western Allies airdropped commando units into the jungles to try and reopen the Burma Road, reestablishing a ground link to supply Chinese forces. Simultaneously, the Japanese invaded North West India. If the Japanese had succeeded in capturing Allied air bases at Kohima and Imphal, China would be completely cut off from Western supplies, and forced out of the war. In this game, you play the Allies, and you must keep Indian air bases out of Japanese hands, link up with Chinese forces attacking from Yunnan, and recapture Mandalay. To do this, you must use a limited pool of transport aircraft to ferry troops and supplies over impassible mountains and jungles. Be careful: highly trained Japanese troops can move through the jungle with ease. You cannot. Good luck!

Click here to play on a mobile device. You might want to use a stylus

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